Friday, December 9, 2011

The Duggars

I just had to give my 2 cents on this.  I don't watch or follow the Duggars, but yesterday I read on Yahoo that they had lost their baby at 19 weeks.  Anytime someone loses a baby it is a tragedy.  Having a lot of living children does not make losing one any less difficult to deal with.
What got my attention though were some of the comments left on the article.  Rarely had I seen such vile, mean-spirited words.  The basic sentiment was, "they are evil for having so many children, and they deserve this loss."  Really???  I am dumbfounded.  Beyond the fact that no one DESERVES to lose a child, why do people care so much how many children this family has?  How is it any concern of theirs?  Would I personally give birth to 19 children?  No.  I don't think I could give enough attention to my kids if I were either pregnant or tending to an infant all the time.  However, there are many choices that I would not make for my own family that others make for theirs.  I choose not to work outside the home.  I choose not to homeschool.  I have plenty of friends who have made the opposite choices for their families, and you know what, I have no problem with that.  They are not evil, I am not evil.  We are just different.  So, if the Duggars want to have 20 children, I say, "God bless them."  If they are able to take care of all those children, how is it any concern of mine?
The only evil I saw in the Yahoo article was from the people rejoicing over someone else's tragedy.  I hope none of those people ever joins the babyloss family.  Whether you have no children or 19 children, it is an awful place to be.

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  1. agreed. it doesn't matter how many children you have, losing a baby is devastating and those awful commenters should be ashamed of themselves for saying such detestable things. i think THEY are the evil ones. but that's just MY 2 cents.